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Encouraging pupils, parents, staff and the wider school community to use the local rights of way network, for activity, leisure and learning


  • To increase young people and their families' use of the natural environment
  • To encourage use of the rights of way network as a learning resource
  • To promote health & wellbeing, and environmental benefits
  • To increase ownership and responsibility in the local environment by the local community


  • Pupils identify a local stretch of right of way to adopt , as a classroom-based map reading exercise using a variety of resources (maps, Google, etc.)
  • Pupils physically visit the right of way, look as why it is where it is, condition, ease of access for all users, etc.
  • Schools can then hold a Design a Sign Competition for plaques which will be put up on the right of way so the whole community can see what the school is doing, and get involved.
  • Schools are given direct links in to the Isle of Wight Council to report maintenance issues, dog-fouling, litter, etc.
  • Pupils create a leaflet with map, produce information on the Right of Way on their VLE (Virtual Learning Environment = school's restricted access website), linking to the national Walk4Life website etc. - further enabling whole community engagement.
  • Led walks for families and other members of the community can be incorporated if required.

The school will then be able to use the right of way as an additional learning resource, eg. For history, maths, geography, creating writing, and to encourage citizenship and responsible behaviour.


Groups can be adapted to suit learners at school's request

Total time required



School needs to provide:-

We provide:-

(approx. Half day based on 40 pupils)

Class-based study

45 minutes per group of approx. 20

Access to a smartboard

Maps and resources

(approx. Half day based on 40 pupils)

Visit to identified stretch of right of way

45 minutes per group of approx. 20, depending on distance from school to site

Appropriate adult assistance required . School to conduct risk assessment.

High-visibility vests if required.


Design a Sign competition


School to arrange to suit

Template for sign

Depends on activities selected

Developing resources


Access to smartboard

Ideas for leaflet, links for maintenance etc., links to Walk4Life, input for VLE

Approx. Half day depending on numbers and distance from school to site

Led walk for school community


Appropriate adult assistance, risk assessment etc.

Walk leader

All of the above can be amended to suit your learners. To discuss options for your school and prices, including FREE assembly with pupils, contact Helen Stichbury on 07929 397092 or email info@helen.stichbury.com

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