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Helping youngsters establish their own walking groups for independent walking to school

  • To increase safety of young walkers
  • To improve confidence in walking alone or in peer groups
  • To reduce congestion around school gate
  • To promote health & wellbeing, and environmental benefits


  • Class-based study looking at maps, where children can meet up, identifying issues and solutions
  • Walking practice based on geographical groups to nearest ‘meeting points', including road safety tips
  • Summary report for school
  • Suggestions for further learning opportunities eg. Pupils create a ‘Walking Home Unaccompanied' leaflet; assemblies; guidance for parents and pupils on school website, etc.


Groups can be adapted to suit learners at school's request

School needs to provide:-

We provide:-

Day One:

(approx. Half day based on 40 pupils)

Class-based study

45 minutes per group of approx. 20

No special equipment required other than access to smartboard if possible.

Maps and resources

Day Two:

(approx. One day based on 40 pupils)

Walking practice

45 minutes per group of approx. 6 - 12

Appropriate adult assistance required. School to conduct risk assessment.

High-visibility vests if required.

All of the above can be amended to suit your learners. To discuss options for your school and prices, including FREE report, suggestions for further development, and FREE assembly with pupils, contact Helen Stichbury on 07929 397092 or email info@helen.stichbury.com


  • Qualified on the ‘Travel training for the vulnerable user' programme
  • Enhanced CRB, fully insured and indemnified
  • Programme already successfully provided for over 500 pupils across the Isle of Wight


"By providing travel training you can allay the parents' fears as well as the children's, who need some responsibility - and invariably rise to it. Plus it gives parents 'permission' if you like, gives them an opportunity to stop and think, rather than stick with old habits."
Parent at Brighstone CE Primary School

“Mum wouldn't trust me to walk by myself, although I'd like to. Now I know I can walk with my mates which is much more fun, and Mum will feel better too!”
Pupil at Brading Primary School

“We thought it worked very well to have the whole class sessions and then follow up with small groups out in the local area. Working in small groups was effective as the children were able to be more focussed and could ask any questions to help their understanding. It was also easier with adult helpers being released to supervise the children.”
Gurnard Primary School

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