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A classroom session working with Year 6 pupils, helping them to consider their travel choices on transition to secondary school. The overall aim of the session will be to help pupils be more confident on their first days at a new school.

The session is a discussion format with young people and will focus on:-

  1. Pupils working out how they are going to travel to secondary school
  2. Pupils working out the best walking or cycling route to school, OR which bus stop(s) pupils will be using, and the route they will take to those stops – and how they will find out this information
  3. Pupils working out:-
    • What to do if the bus doesn’t come/something is wrong with your bike
    • What to do if anything else goes wrong
    • Who to ask for help (eg. Bus drivers, school, neighbours, etc.)
    • Are they going to have their own key?
    • Is anyone going to be at home, and when?
    • Contact phone number
  4. Importance of practicing the route before September, maybe at first with parents, maybe with other friends, maybe unaccompanied, during the summer holidays. P7040530.JPG
Duration: Around 1 hour
Resources required: Preferably access to internet for bus timetables, Google maps, etc.
Maximum class size: One class ie. approx .40


  • Qualified on the ‘Travel training for the vulnerable user' programme
  • Enhanced CRB
  • Safeguarding and child protection
  • Fully insured and indemnified

To discuss options for your school and prices, contact Helen Stichbury on 07929 397092 or email info@helen.stichbury.com

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