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Health & Wellbeing
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Helen Stichbury Consultant is a service enabling people to use the natural environment for health and wellbeing. The service can include:-

  • Consultation with people from all sections of the community
  • Identifying bespoke routes to suit needs
  • Producing relevant resources
  • Working with statutory bodies to improve physical access
  • Signposting and networking with partners (public and private bodies) to existing schemes and organisations
  • Helping to find solutions to barriers wherever and whenever possible
  • Offering individuals or groups guidance and support

Safeguarding and child protection
We take our duties under safeguarding and child protection extremely seriously. Update training is regularly attended, and please find our Safeguarding Policy here.

Risk assessment
Risk assessment is conducted for all our activities, as and when appropriate. For details relevant to your project, please contact us.

Appropriateness of routes
It is always the responsibility of the individual to assess whether they wish to take action (for example, to take a walk based on routes or information provided), and whether that action is suitable for themselves. In the case of children and young people under 18, it is the parent's responsibility to undertake that assessment on behalf of their children.

Helen Stichbury Consultant and its agents recommend that any information provided is checked prior to taking action, including checking route suitability and availability, and seeking doctors advice if appropriate. We also recommend that everyone should follow the Countryside Code to respect, protect and enjoy the countryside.

Countryside Code

  • Be safe, plan ahead and follow any signs
  • Leave gates and property as you find them
  • Protect plants and animals and take your litter home
  • Keep dogs under close control
  • Consider other people

Whilst information is provided in all good faith, no responsibility or liability whatsoever will be accepted by Helen Stichbury Consultant for any action taken by groups or individuals, either now or in the future, nor for the accuracy of any information provided.