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Jersey School Travel Plan Project
April 2011 to May 2012

Helen Stichbury provided her consultancy services to the States of Jersey to help set up and initiate delivery of the School Travel Plan project on Jersey in April 2011, as part of the States’ Sustainable Travel Policy target to reduce car use by 15% by 2015. She worked with the Education Department’s EcoActive team (Jersey’s version of the Sustainable Schools and Eco-Schools programmes), the Police’s Road Safety Officer, the Department of Health’s Healthy Schools lead, and the Transport & Technical Services Department, developing an approved travel plan template specifically for Jersey. Whilst maintaining the aspects of a UK approved travel plan, it strongly links to the Island’s Eco Active and Healthy Schools programmes.

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Figure 1 Pupils conducting a Walking Audit

The key difference from the UK school travel plan programme is that Helen has collated the documentation, allowing schools to concentrate their resources on establishing and implementing the travel awareness work at schools, which has proved very popular with schools and probably lead to a quicker uptake.

Another significant factor in the delivery of this project is that Helen has worked closely with pupils from school councils, Eco committees or Healthy Schools teams, with the aim to increase their awareness of travel choice, for the future as well as for today, with their research forming the basis for the travel plan.

This pupil-centric approach has been a highly successful, with 24 of the 40 schools (including States’ schools and independent schools, primary and secondary) having achieved approved travel plans by May 2012. Some schools involved in the first phase of delivery have already reported significant reductions in car use, by as much as 12%.

Figure 2 A school council discussing travel options   Figure 3 Travel plan work linked to data analysis

The States of Jersey have committed to support schools achieve their travel plan targets by employing a local officer to continue delivery of the school travel plan project. For further details of the School travel plan project in Jersey, contact David St. George, Transport Policy Manager, Transport & Technical Services, States of Jersey.

Quotes re delivery of project
“Your help has been invaluable in a number of ways:

  • Getting the school started with our travel plan with advice and practical help
  • Supporting us by collating our information, past involvements, talking to our school council and making all this information into a clear travel plan
  • Being available for clarification
  • To meet up again after a year has helped us to ‘keep on track’ and keep to timings with the plan
  • The recent meeting helped our school to complete our review and present it to you with our Year 5 Road Safety team.
  • That meeting, at which you talked with our Year 5 Road safety team, helped us to consider other ideas and points to consider which we would not have worked out.”
Di Hooper, Headteacher, First Tower School, Jersey

“Helen has worked with our school Eco-active team to develop and implement our Travel Plan. She developed a great relationship with the children and at all times encouraged and empowered them to think about issues, find solutions and take action. We are working on implementing the Action points from the Travel Plan and there is no doubt that it is raising awareness and making people think which in turn is having an impact on the amount of traffic around school.
During Walk to School fortnight our traffic was greatly reduced as children and parents walked, cycled and scootered into school and home again. We are now working to maintain the enthusiasm from Walk to school Fortnight. Our Travel Plan has also enabled us to work more closely with our Parish officials so that together we can reduce traffic and encourage safer parking. One suggestion of Helens that has been particularly powerful has been our parking tickets, red, amber and green, which the Eco-Active team have made and have been putting on parents cars to let them know how safely or not they have parked!
Helen has helped us create a Travel Plan that is having an impact on the school and making a difference.”

“It has been great to work with you and you must feel really proud to have has such an impact in so many schools - you have done a great job. Thank you Helen.”
Pam Pitman, Headteacher, Grouville Primary School, Jersey

“Helen's enthusiasm for our "green travel agenda" combined with her experience and excellent communication skills have been essential to the successful implementation of a programme of school travel plans here in Jersey. The level of support gained from the many schools she has worked with is testament to her considerable ability in this area.”

“A big thank you for your work over here which has gone really well. It’s exceeded my expectations and I've had lots of positive feedback.”

David St George, Manager - Transport Policy, Transport and Technical Services, States of Jersey