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Health & Wellbeing
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Enabling people by:-
Consultation – really talking and listening - with people from all sections of the community

  • Children and young people at schools
  • Young parents through Children's Centres
  • School communities: parents, staff, governors
  • Workplaces
  • Businesses and residents
  • Public bodies: eg. councils, public health, etc.
  • Interest groups: eg. self-help groups, charities, associations

To access the natural environment by:-
Having a positive attitude to identifying barriers and finding innovative and practical solutions, based on people's needs

  • Identifying bespoke routes to suit needs: eg. buggy walks, easy access walks, short walks, circular walks, safe walks, challenging walks, walks from work
  • Producing relevant resources, eg. maps, on-line information, leaflets, etc.
  • Using our extensive knowledge of the Isle of Wight's Rights of Way network
  • Working with statutory bodies to improve physical access
  • Signposting and networking with partners (public and private bodies) to pool resources and have an impact
  • Finding solutions to barriers wherever and whenever possible

For health and wellbeing, by:-
Encouraging people to move towards making walking part of a healthy lifestyle

  • Developing bespoke walking programmes for groups or individuals
  • Offering individuals or groups guidance and support
  • Promoting the physical and ‘biophile' experience of our natural environment through led walks, if required
  • Signposting to existing walking schemes and organisations
  • Drawing on years of health and fitness training